Meet The Ultimate Drain Protector

TubRing is a premium bathtub strainer & drain protector with a ring donut structure, slot-based filtering holes and a latching rim blade. It is the world's first drain protector that is compatible with US standard bathtub pop-up drain stoppers.

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How it works

TubRing is super easy to clean & maintain, safe to use in bathtubs, and durable to last a long time.

  • Step 1

    Install TubRing

  • Step 2

    Take your shower peacefully

  • Step 3

    Remove TubRing

  • Step 4

    Remove hair using tissue paper

The last drain protector you will ever invest in.

The last drain protector
you will ever invest in.

Customer Reviews

"This is the best! No more clogged shower drain, or catches absolutely every hair and the hair removes simply. I just rinse it off and leave it in the shower for next tube. After trying several different products with similar claims, that left me disappointed and with a clogged drain, I am beyond pleased with this purchase."

Valerie J Kermec

"We all have VERY long hair in my family and we have 4 dogs. Tried a couple other ways but I was still constantly having to clean out the drain. 🤦‍♀️ This works great for us! Super easy to use. It just lays there but is slightly heavier than the other "Over the top of the drain” types so it doesn’t move around and let the hair go down the drain! Would recommend to anyone."

Heather Coryell

"This is exactly what I needed. I bathe my dog in the tub and he sheds a lot of fur. The TubRing just sets on the drain- it fits perfectly, you just lay it down. The fur was not ensnared in the ring. I just swiped it off with a finger and threw it away.
Perfect. The flow of water was not restricted at all."


"This is the only hair catcher I can use. I bought like 3 others and none of them worked. I have a jacuzzi tub and the drain top is wider than most, because of this all other types of hair catchers sat on top of the topper thus not catching any hair. This one fits perfectly around the topper and catches any hair floating to the drain."

J. Collins